We are so excited to be the venue for HeartStories Girl’s Night Out next Thursday, June 9, 2016! Crystal Gornto, Founder and Chief Love Amplifier for HeartStories, is hosting this wonderful event.  She shared a bit of her story with us and we were so moved with HeartStories’ purpose that we wanted to share it with you.

Crystal said…

“In 2011 I had a moment that changed my life forever.  It was the moment I learned about the realities of human trafficking, here, in Dallas, Texas.  It gripped me.  It broke my heart and opened my mind.  In that moment, I didn’t know how I would change, I just knew I would be different.  I couldn’t keep working just for money.  What challenged me and inspired me to work with all my heart had to be more meaningful.


That moment planted a seed in my heart that grew into what is now HeartStories.  I did some soul searching to uncover what I’m most passionate about.  What emerged is this crazy passion to support women in replacing the negative stories that hold us back with the true stories of our worth.  I want women to see and believe how much we need them to light up the dark places in this world… that only their light can reach.  How much we need them to live their HeartStories.


Trying to figure out how to accomplish that has been a very windy road.  The thing I’ve learned, through hundreds of conversations with women over the last three years is that the ONLY way to stay strong on the path to fully living our heartstories is through authentic connection with other women who support our journey.  So I’m determined to create fun, innovative ways for women to be all they’re mean to be and enjoy the journey together, right in the middle of our hectic lives.


That’s what this GNO is all about.


It’s not a typical GNO that will leave you feeling bad the next morning. And it’s not a networking event filled with surface conversations. It’s an experience where you’ll feel surrounded by friends, with huge hearts, who are passionate about figuring out what they’re meant to do in this world, and supporting each other in making it happen!

Just like any great girl’s night, we’ll enjoy laughter, wine and hors d’oeuvres, but you’ll wake up the next morning refreshed, with more clarity, feeling more connected, and inspired to be more intentional about becoming the woman you know you’re meant to be, with a tribe of women who want to help you get there.

more joy.

more connection.

more purpose.

more fun.

Today, you can draw a line in the sand to say, It’s time for me.

OR you can keep telling yourself, It’s a season, until you look back and realize. . .

It was your life.”

Crystal Gornto

Founder and Chief Love Amplifier, HeartStories


If you want to learn more about HeartStories and the Girl’s Night Out click here!

If you are ready to buy a ticket for the event, click the button below.

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